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Weighing In: 7 Pounds

I started this blog to help me stay on track with a healthy lifestyle and to reach my weight loss goals.  And pretty much as soon as I started the blog, I went bananas and started eating like a mad woman.  Pizza, McDonald’s, chips, way too many M&Ms.  Actually my main meals were still pretty healthy, but I was doing a lot of splurging on the side and reaching for quick and easy processed foods (bad) when I was hungry.

I did begin exercising, though, which was good.  And I managed to lose two pounds over the course of several weeks.  And then I realized I really felt rather miserable (as I put in another handful of M&Ms).  This is not the life I want for myself.  So…here I am after recommitting to being healthy yet again.  I have failed and restarted many times.  And that’s ok.  I decided long ago that it’s ok to mess up and go in reverse for a little while, as long as I don’t give up altogether.  And I refuse to give up.

This week I started the beginning of 30 days going completely grain free (still mostly vegan, low-glycemic, whole foods). I’ve read about a lot of people with IBS who have found great relief by going gluten free or even grain free.  And grains have seemed to be an irritant to me, so I’m giving it a go.  Of course it’s hard because I really like grains…and they’re everywhere!  I don’t really feel a whole lot different yet, but I’ve lost a total of 7 pounds already!  Wow!  Now I realize that a lot of that could be water, but that’s ok with me — 7 pounds is 7 pounds in my book.  I should say that isn’t 7 pounds all this week; that’s 7 pounds total since I started this blog, but 3 of those pounds were just this week.  It’s always a challenge to restrict your diet in a new way, but seeing results makes it a whole lot easier!

I haven’t been very regular in updating my blog yet, but I hope to be back weekly with a weigh-in report!

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