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Easy Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream


This really isn’t a recipe. It’s just a super easy way to whip up a quick frozen treat. It’s cold and creamy and 100% good for you.

This can be 100% raw, too.  Just put three frozen bananas plus 1/4 cup of raw almond milk in a food processor and let it go!  It may seem like the bananas aren’t going to get creamy, but they will.  Just give them a few minutes.  Before you know it, you’ll have a thick, scoopable treat.

You really don’t need to add anything else.  But, if you want to play around with the flavors a bit, you can try adding a few drops of flavored stevia, lemon or vanilla extract, and/or 1 tsp. cinnamon (note these ingredients may not be raw).  In the photo above, you can see the swirls of cinnamon I added. Yum!

Of course, if you don’t like bananas, well…you won’t like this.  But if you do like bananas, this will make enough for three servings, or two bigger servings, or one extra large serving.  All guilt free.

If you’d like to check out another way to enjoy this, watch this video about making raw banana floats.  In this video, the almond milk isn’t added to the bananas, but I like the addition of the milk just to make it a bit smoother.


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