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Weighing In: 20 Pounds



It’s official! I have finally lost 20 pounds! It felt like the scale was just stuck for a long time. But it’s moving again, and I want to keep it that way!

It turns out 20 pounds is equivalent to 18 cans of assorted food. Yes, I stacked them on the scale until I got 20 pounds…and then took a picture. I do find it encouraging to have a visual of how much weight I’ve lost. Let me tell you, I’d prefer not to be carrying 18 cans around with me all day long! I don’t feel like that much has changed yet, but seeing those cans stacked up shows me that they have.  Hooray!

If you’re feeling discouraged, just keep going. Keep making those healthy choices. Eventually that scale is going to get moving, and you’ll be so glad you didn’t give up!

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  1. that is awesome nicole!!!!!!!!

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